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    Posted: 10 Apr 2020 at 2:45pm

COVID19 Is Not What You Think

The name, COVID19, was created to segregate it from the legitimate Coronavirus. This was done so that the original, not-so-dangerous virus, can be turned into an invisible terrorist - mixing a little truth with a lot of lies seems to authenticate the issue in the minds of nearly everyone and makes it more believable. By declaring COVID19 as a new bug (novel), a version without a past or known ailments or causes, the idea of it can be used as a (weapon) to control the public at large. In this way, any number of false terrors can be attributed to it; a ghost virus that can (get) you from anywhere & by any means, they say. Typically, animal-oriented diseases don't commute to other species. That is why, if you have the flu, you don't pass it to your pet when you get right in their faces and love on them. If a virus does mutate and infect a human, symptoms are usually mild and death rarely occurs unless the victim is already immunocompromised.

Anyone who has ever had the flu knows they are infected, yet, this is supposed to be worse than the flu? I have had the flu 3 times in my 49 years; and it had me on my hands and knees for about 4 days each time. Now these folks are claiming that COVID19 is so bad, it has decimated the globe, even killing people. Yet, the powers-that-be also try to claim that hundreds of thousands of people are walking around infected for up to 14 days without one single symptom, ache or pain - and able to give it to others because it is allegedly super contagious. If you were this infected, you would know it. Remember, our beloved media and leaders claim this is so virulent, it took over the world in a matter of weeks. From a somewhat contained state in China, it picked up speed, out of the blue. Don't forget, flu and the real corona symptoms are nearly identical. If someone is sick, it's highly likely you are contaminated with a strain of the more common flu virus, not corona. It is more probable that people are being told their flu symptoms are corona as part of this agenda.

They cannot have it both ways; it cannot be the worst thing since the black plague, while simultaneously being the most asymptomatic and gentle virus ever. Certainly, if people had a virus that was so bad that it put people in critical condition and even killed them, they would definitely be aware of it somewhere in the span of 14 days. Those in charge of this fiasco are hoping and praying that the rest of us are total morons. The propagators are simply attempting cover all the angles, so no one feels safe. There is no COVID19. But believe me, their bought and paid for, or just plain blind, health experts will have a very nice spin for that. 

Telling people, they are positive when they are not; or outright fabricating infected numbers & deaths is the method being used to make people impose martial law upon themselves – and it is working. You are being programmed to Shelter In Place, Don’t stand next to each other. Don’t gather in a group. Close all public places. Be terrified since you can (be infected & not even know it). This action is not about controlling the flow of a virus but controlling the flow of people - self-imposed crowd control. Whatever the reason behind these tactics, at some point, it will cause the population at large to accept without contention the saving grace of whatever our leaders toss our way as a life raft, even though it will not likely be in our best interests.

I know, I know - you think people are actually dead from COVID19 because your eyes would never lie to you, right? I assure you, things aren't what you think or see, no matter how great the acting is. Beware of FAKE cadavers that are often used in False Flag Events. Take a close look at the pictures below - they are ALL Fake: In the first picture, the 'patient' is having a temp taken. Except, it is a practice doll. There are no arms and something is lodged into the right clavicle area; an obvious hole. Look Closely At The Second Picture that the news tried to pass off as a COVID19 Patient: You can see the head and hair are that of a life size dummy. There's a hole in the plastic neck for the tube. The other pictures are ones used in other propaganda events. Then there's always the trick of 'looking busy' with an overkill amount of people in every shot dealing with one patient, doing nothing in particular - just standing around for show. I leave that up to you to start paying attention to what the news images are really showing.


Do you Still believe everything you see on the news? Keep your mental distance. Analyze. Always question authority. Always.

Researching this matter further has shown that no one has died of COVID19. The numbers released daily via the media appear to be contrived. However, one thing does show to be trending. People have died of other causes and means, and are then connected to COVID19 after the fact. This method allows actual people to be identified as infected COVID19 victims; making the event more tangible and believable. What do we all know of test results except what we are told? None of the numbers of victims can be confirmed - the news merely Tells us the numbers are real and confirmed. That is why they purposely use the word, Confirmed, to reassure you they are telling the truth. Be cautious in believing this information so freely. In reality, even the cruise lines carrying supposed victims were likely chartered and contained only those participating in this scandal, not actual passengers. As higher numbers are released to the media from Government Sources, a justification is being built in the psyche of the population to allow the imposing of over-reaching and unconstitutional restrictions placed upon the American people. It would serve people well to go back and look at the news footage from SARS and Ebola. The same lingo and fear propaganda tactics were used all through the media; but, for some reason, those agendas disappeared like a fart in the wind. That's why I call those dry runs for this one we're having now.

Even the actors, key word, that are said to have COVID 19 say they have no symptoms. Is this their way of subliminally suggesting you can be sick and contagious and not know it, or have they been told they are sick when they are not? Having popular actors declare their sickness is a powerful tool to convince the public of this ghost virus volatility.

It is unknown to me if they were lied to about their test result or may make money from the situation; but I would bet my soul they do not have an infection. Anyone caught mocking COVID19 coincidentally, and suddenly, (contracts) the virus. This is an effort to make an example of anyone that contradicts the narrative – such as the basketball player, Rudy Gobert, that touched all the microphones at the interview when asked about COVID19. The next day it was revealed that he was tested - and it was conveniently positive. 

Whatever you do. Absolutely DO NOT TAKE any vaccine that is offered. DO NOT TAKE any drug that is used in the same sentence as COVID19.

Then we are told not to listen to conspiracy ideas. If you do, you are publicly shamed so that you will feel ridiculous if any unofficial narratives are brought to light. I realize no one wants to feel duped. I realize it is difficult for people to believe multiple countries could be involved. I realize seeing (official looking people) and actual authorities on television makes it all too real. But I caution you, don’t believe everything you see. All you need to do is just a little research. Search Empty Hospitals or Film My Hospital on Twitter and read the stories posted from actual healthcare workers stating the hospitals are primarily empty. ICU units typically hold 5 to 10 patients; though, the size may differ a little from place to place. If there were hoards of COVID patients, they could overflow throughout the empty areas of the hospitals - yet they are not.

The media uses false images to convince people of lies. We can use real images to tell the truth. News personalities only read and perform as instructed. It is up to all of us to report the news now. 

Facebook, YouTube, Google and Twitter are all banning posts that challenge the official narrative on COVID19. They don't want anyone to question the storyline. They are censoring opposing information. Why so much effort in keeping us quiet? It is so people will do as they are told and not think for themselves, so they won't notice that something weird is going on with this whole pandemic thing. In this way, no other ideas can be shared. Only the Official Directives are allowed. This reminds me a lot of communism.

Seeing looped file footage of people in hazmat suits around the clock and on every channel will pound these ideas into your psyche - but keep your mental distance. Listen to every word. Scrutinize every enactment by our leaders. You will begin to see that 2+2 no longer equals 4. Some leaders are not In-The-Know; but others are.

This is called predictive programming; and everyone is being programmed to accept what is to come. They are saying more than 100,000 people have COVID19 and don’t know it. Ask yourself, “How could anyone declare this?” This is just a scare tactic to make people think COVID19 is everywhere, even in you. Just like I said, a Ghost Virus. All these buzz words that all the networks are spreading, such as:

  • The New Normal (designed to prepare you to willingly accept what’s to come and accept all these issues as commonplace and feel comfortable with odd commands from the state).
  • Social Distancing (designed to make us willingly separate ourselves to make crowd control easier).
  • Community Spread (designed to make you believe COVID19 is waiting around every corner like a gangster about to mug you).

The instigators of all this could not risk releasing a real virus upon the globe for fear that it might infect them as well, or thwart their ultimate agenda. That is, unless, a vaccine already existed and all those involved, including their families, have been inoculated. They would already have antibodies against the suspect strain. This would have been done months or years in advance. However, at this juncture, due to all the evidence coming forward revealing empty hospitals, I believe no virus has been loosed on the world. SARS and Ebola were simply dry runs, as they say. And it is no coincidence that all the virus attacks of the past and now are respiratory in nature. Nice and slow will get it done.

That does not mean something horrific is not on the way. I have noticed the constant mention of A Second Wave Of Infections or New Hot Spots that is all over the media. This strikes me as more predictive programming. This would be a way of getting your mind wrapped around the idea of even higher and newer numbers of dead and infected, even though there aren't any. Why would this happen? It is to prepare, in the minds of the population that a New Law For Your Protection is on the way. With advance notice, you will accept it better than if they sprang it on you all at once. Keep watching. Legislation is coming that will remove or severely restrict the freedoms of everyone in the United States.

This is all headed to a very bad place for the globe as well. As of this writing, a new, highly restrictive law was passed in Ireland. This same type of law, with small variations, will trickle through every nation that is a member of NATO. Movement is monitored and forbidden unless approved. Sold as a temporary measure for their protection; however, this global event did not get to this level so these new sets of laws can expire in a month or two. They left the door open for new amendments and time extensions to be added. This new law in Ireland should terrify you:

After all of this, the real agenda will become more visible, even to those who blindly followed the leaders down this path. Those, like news casters and other disinformation propagators will have only themselves to thank for turning this country into the closest thing to communism they will ever know. That's the nature of our most elite - Power and Control. The goal isn't to kill people; that is just the tool needed for the goal. A large death toll is needed to drive us all to the intended outcome. These people need to feel justified by the citizens so they know there will be no revolutions to turn back the tide of all they've done. The Mandates for this have already been written; they are simply waiting for the right moment - which is already scheduled. It will include the removal of certain civil liberties and possible implementation of a Temporary body of government outside of our own. If protests or riots occur, you may see the internet go down for our protection. It would really be so that communicating any dissent would be more difficult.

I can't help but think of the words of John Rockefeller, a long time advocate of a single world government, when he said, "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." Which is now called One World Government or Global Government. And what would make nations like the United States panic with fear even more? This would simply include pressing us, via the news, with more convincing reports and listing higher death tolls - around 500,000 should do the trick.

If a large scale mass termination did occur, at least they have the mass graves dug already. There were plenty secretly constructed in Houston Texas, Arizona and California. What's going on with those? They were not built to remain empty. And there are thousands of plots. But that may be something to ask about later. 

Over the years, I have learned there are no accidents. Martial law may very well be on the way; but it likely won’t be phrased as martial law. In several ways, the world is beginning to impose martial law on themselves. What better way to relieve people of their freedoms than to make people willingly give up their freedoms out of fear and blindness. All that We The People can be sure of is, the real agenda has yet to show its pretty little head - or it has, but we are just not paying attention. The question is, will you ignore it so that you won't feel like a fool for being tricked by all the propaganda? If you believe multiple countries cannot participate in a global agenda, you are still not paying attention. It only requires a few, behind the scene, non-elected, players from participating governments to pull something like this off -just ask Ireland.

Keep your eyes peeled and your fear of rhetoric and terror-mongering at bay. Then you may begin to see more clearly - perhaps together we can ascertain precisely what's going on here. At some point, all the restaurant and other business closings will put a hard pinch on those that were living check to check. At that moment, they will be desperate enough to accept any solution the government wants to sell them; even though it likely will not be in any of our best interests? Then, the agenda will have made itself known. Were you aware that Former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, recommended on March 26th. We need a World Government to fix the pandemic and financial crisis.

Just a thought: if the bodies are so badly contaminated, shouldn't the corpses be held in some type of facility appropriate for hazardous and infectious material, not in the hallway of a hospital in Non-hermetically sealed black bags? As of March 26th, 2020, they are not. Instead, someone shows a picture of a refrigerated semi-trailer or a couple of seconds of new footage of someone walking through a hospital corridor or room with a cell phone camera filming very narrow and specific areas; while all-in-all, still revealing nothing. Do you all feel pacified yet?

It is important to realize that, according to our very own CDC, in 2017, an average of 7,708 - 8,478 deaths occurred each day of the year. And a large number of those died due to respiratory complications. Thousands, every day. How difficult would it be to attribute a lot of those types of deaths to something like COVID19?

The action of states restricting entry at their borders is to freeze total movement. In their minds this will prevent large rebellions and collaborations. Curfews being set further illustrates that this is and always has been about controlling the flow of people, not a virus.

If medical personnel are given police-like authority, they will be able to go door to door to take your temperatures or other invasive and illegal things - all in the name of "flattening the curve" of a fake virus. But there will really be another agenda in play - your civil liberties.

Like they say in politics, "Never waste a good crisis."

We have to ask ourselves, why are they trying to cram everyone into their neighborhoods with restrictions like travel bans, curfews and closing down nearly every business? Up until now, I strongly believe, the COVID19 deaths were faked or attributed to people that died of something else altogether. But change has to come if the logical path is to be followed to what seems like an obvious conclusion.

In order to drive the population towards the intended goal, the next phase will come into play. Based on words used by the leaders and the media, the end of April could produce something true and devastating to the people of the United States in order to achieve the 240,000+ deaths they claim will happen. There are only two possible scenarios. Erroneous numbers will have to be claimed throughout the land to drive fear higher, in which no one actually dies of COVID19; or an actual death event will have to take place.

Don't forget to stand up for yourselves. This whole thing has taken on a life of its own now. People are behaving like lunatics. And keep in mind that every time a state executive order is issued ordering private citizens to stay at home or close a business, we are all one step closer to completing a state-by-state martial law act. This is useful to the creators of this propaganda so that a nationwide martial law does not have to be issued. If the President issues an executive martial law order, the Constitution would be suspended and all our rights with it. That's when you'll know we're in trouble as citizens. Keep in mind, an executive order is not law; it merely has the appearance of law and only affects military and police. A private citizen does not have to obey an executive order. However, cities will still say you can be fined or even jailed if you disobey these ordinances. But if you are, it is a violation of your civil rights and you should fight it. It is their hope that you will be too terrified, overwhelmed and too put out to argue about it.

As of this writing, The Constitution is still in play and no law can be made that would undermine the Supreme Law of the Land - The US Constitution. We are being sized up during this whole pandemic to see just how much we will put up with; see where our limits are.

The Constitution does not contain a provision for martial law because the Constitution was never intended to be suspended. It is our only protection from government and those who would like to control us. President Lincoln created the provision of martial law in 1863 to thwart the power of the Constitution. Now that multiple states have issued executive orders to force people to Stay At Home, I suspect other states will follow until all the states have been independently locked down. Voila - a nationwide martial law - without calling it martial law.

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